Why should you do yoga every day (Health is Wealth)

Yoga is timeless. It’s an ancient Indian practice that has managed to keep millions and millions of people engaged even in the present times. What is so timeless about yoga? Why is it that after so many years, like everything else in the world erodes and vanishes, this discipline has managed to survive?

The answer is very simple, Yoga makes you feel good. It’s a practice for which one doesn’t need to be at the epitome of fitness to finally start reaping its benefits neither does it ever become too easy for someone who has been practicing it for years. Yoga has so much flexibility in terms of level, duration, type, focus, etc. that one can personalize it according to their precise need. This makes it timeless.

Benefits of yoga are many like an increase in flexibility, improves strength, boosts immunity & metabolism, helps in focus, changes your energy, reduces anxiety, soothes your skin, and hydrate the spin. But one small rule of yoga is that you must be on your mat every day. It doesn’t matter if it is for 10-15 minutes of just mindful breathing exercises or 1.5 hours long vinyasa flow. An individual diligently practicing yoga must be on the mat every day or you may join online yoga classes and learn from experts. This is important for ensuring the real benefits are being received by you.

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