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Scopes in Script Writing in India in 2020

Scriptwriting is not your average career option which is chosen by everyone. Even if chosen, it requires real passion and determination to pursue it as a career. For some, it may just be a dream, something they always wanted to do but could not pursue, and for some, it may have been their reality but not what they expected it to be. Indeed scriptwriting requires more than talent and hard work. It has been observed in many cases where individuals had a beautiful script, the right amount of effort put into it, and worked hard but still could not find success in the field. So if everything stands against you in this career why should you even consider it?

There are several reasons, otherwise, you wouldn’t have been reading this at all. Yes, you! You have the right kind of motivation which this career field requires. It is all about keeping your head up high and persevering and trust me you have got it. If you want to use your writing skills to come up with wonderful stories and scripts suitable for screen and your love for screenwriting with creative freedom is more than your desire to earn a lot of money and fame instantly, then this is a good career choice for you. Screenwriting will give the power of creating your characters, bringing them to life, deciding their fate and so much more which will give you the ultimate rush in your life. If this is the rush that you desire, you will find success in it because you are not making a career out of this but a lifestyle. And the scriptwriting lifestyle comes with perks, like working from almost anywhere, having a therapeutic work, exploring your thoughts, and living your wildest imagination through your art and so much more.
The best tip for writing is just to write; to sit down and write, to begin doing it and not to be scared by the blank page.” – David Almond

Sold yet? If not let us discuss the future of screenwriting as an option for you. What is the scope of scriptwriting? First of all, there are multiple types of scriptwriting, while you might find yourself at the beginner’s stage exploring concepts of basic scriptwriting as you move ahead in your career you will find yourself using techniques far beyond your basic scriptwriting ones. Some of the types of screenwriting would include movie scriptwriting, television scriptwriting, play scriptwriting, short stories script writing, etc. You can be a professional scriptwriter and you can write stories, scripts, and screenplays for films, television programs, comics, radio shows, video games, and theatre plays. A part of scriptwriting would include writing about the characters, the dialogues, setting of the scene, and adding other such visual elements to your work. Understand this, you would be the parent of your work, you will represent it and it will represent you.

It is a career that will demand a lot from you, in terms of your time and effort. A lot of people practicing screenwriting professionally are engaged in working alone for long hours at irregular times. But with sacrifices, there are rewards also associated, if done right and you do manage to tap on the right opportunity, screenwriting will pay you well. Keep on improving yourself. There exists a stringent competition in your field, you must have an edge, it is of paramount importance! Start engaging yourself today. Read about screenwriting professionals, research your characters, enhance your skills by joining scriptwriting online courses, talk to individuals, work out your writer’s block, and most importantly persevere.

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