online Script Writing classes in India

Why should you pursue in scriptwriting?

Scriptwriting should not be confused as pursuing a career, rather it should be pictured as pursuing a dream. Not many individuals are capable of doing this, especially in current times when individuals are more focused on running behind money and fostering their greed.

If you want to pursue scriptwriting, especially as a career, understand and appreciate that you’re unique. You are the black sheep. People around you might find it inspiring but there will also be people who would find it silly. Yet you would persevere making you unique. Screenwriting will give the power of creating your characters, bringing them to life, deciding their fate and so much more which will give you the ultimate rush in your life. There is an unending list of opportunities, one writes fiction with magical characters, one can re-write the history, tell a story as it is, expose the reality and so much more.

You can learn Script Writing courses online almost anywhere, you can be at a beach or a hill station with your laptop or your book or you can do this in the comfort of your home. Not bound by time or geographical constraints, this will give a wonderful boost to your mental health. Writing is almost like a therapy for some people why can’t it be the same for you?


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